Window Art Suncatchers is a collection of handmade static cling suncatchers. They are also referred to as light catchers. Our suncatchers will cling to your windows or any non-porous surface. No tape. No glue. No adhesives. Leaves no residue. Easily removable and reusable. You can stick the window cling on windows, tiles, glass canisters, mirrors, or anything non-porous. It will not stick to a painted wall, but you can stick it on a glass or acrylic picture frame and display it that way.

In our Suncatchers shop, we offer translucent 3D rainbow clings in various shapes, along with high resolution graphic faux stained glass window clings to brighten any room. All items are made to order.

Fun Fact: We have discovered that the translucent 3D rainbow window cling suncatchers are also useful in preventing bird strikes. They break up the reflections on outdoor glass, giving the birds a visual warning that they are flying into a window. If you have a problem with birds crashing into your windows, give these window cling decals a try. Save a bird!

Decal, Sticker or Cling?

While the words window decal, window sticker, and window cling seem to be used interchangeably, there is a difference. The main difference is the type of adhesive material (if any) that is used.

Window Stickers – A window sticker is just as it sounds. A one-time use material that won’t be able to be repositioned or reused. Once removed, the stickers are generally destroyed.

Window Decals – Window decals all have some kind of adhesive backing that is stuck to a window. They can be removable or permanent, and are generally speaking, a one-time use. Removable means that the decal can be removed, usually with no adhesive residue left behind. This adhesive material means that your actual window decal is “semi-permanent.” When installing the decal, there will be some room to adjust it as needed, but once the decal’s adhesive is set, it will be extremely difficult to reposition.

Window Clings (Also called static cling) – Unlike a traditional sticker or window decal, static window clings have no adhesive side. The window clings attach or "cling" to the window or glass through the static charge of the window cling material itself and the window. Window clings are easily removed and reapplied over and over again, or can be stored away for use at another time.
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